Los Angeles Towing Services

Los Angeles Towing Services is LA’s #1 tow truck service provider from South Gate through San Pedro, and up throughout the San Fernando Valley. We


See what some of our tow truck and roadside assistance customers have to say about our Los Angeles Towing Services:

Los Angeles Towing Services Testimonials

When I got in an accident on a day where it was pouring rain on the freeway, my car was literally inoperable. The whole front of the other guy’s car was smashed, and my car’s back was so bad that my back tires were dented. I was lucky not to have been hurt, but I needed help getting towed to a good body shop, so I called Los Angeles Towing Services. They had a flatbed out to me within 20 minutes, got me loaded and took me to an awesome body shop that they recommended. The whole thing was cheap, quick, and really professional, and I couldn’t be gladder I called! ~ Jenny V.

My car got a flat driving down the road, and I needed help replacing the tire. I called Los Angeles Towing Services, and they jacked up the car for a really low price, changed the tire for me, and got me on my way quick! Really, really glad I called, and that I have their business info now! ~ Shannon R.

I have a new BMW, but the darn thing wouldn’t start up the morning after I bought it. Turns out I forgot to turn off the headlights, but I needed to get to work! My nearest friend couldn’t get a jump start to me for another hour, so I called Los Angeles Towing Services! They jump started my car for me within half an hour for so cheap, it was practically free! ~ Josh J.

24/7 Towing Los Angeles

24/7 Towing Los Angeles (800) 688-4011 Towing Los Angeles is the most reliable towing in the business. Whenever you need us, you got us. Not only are we great at what we do, which is towing but we are also always ready to come out to you and assist you with any type of tow you […]

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Roadside Assistance Los Angeles

Roadside Assistance Services in Los Angeles Call (800) 688-4011 Roadside Assistance Los Angeles is all about quick and efficient service to you. We know how it is when you are out on the road by yourself and in need of a roadside assistance service but the servicer is taking too long to come to you. […]

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Car Battery Replacement Los Angeles

Car Battery Replacement Los Angeles (800) 688-4011 Car Battery Replacement LA is the most dependable battery replacer around. These guys have been in business for more than 10 years now and have been bombarded with business ever since they began. It is a very common problem that occurs in the Los Angeles area, and there are many […]

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Los Angeles Towing Services

Los Angeles Towing Services is LA’s #1 tow truck service provider from South Gate through San Pedro, and up throughout the San Fernando Valley. We offer a series of roadside assistance services as well as a large fleet of tow trucks to cater to whatever services would be necessary to aid your vehicle’s recovery and tow. Los Angeles Towing Services offer flatbed towing, wheel lift tow trucks, heavy duty and medium hauling, all roadside services including Lock Outs, Tire Changes, Jump Starts, Gas Delivery and Winch Outs, as well as many other uncommon services that clients question us about providing. Read on to find out more about our tow truck services live in the city of Los Angeles.

Call (800) 688-4011 for 24 Hour Towing Services

Los Angeles Towing ServicesNo matter where you are in the Los Angeles area, whether you’re driving on the 101 FWY, or along Alameda Street, our tow trucks are stationed nearby to guide you through the trouble your car is providing and get you through the horrific ordeal of having to tow your car, when your car was supposed to shelter and protect you. We understand this completely and that’s why Los Angeles Towing Services opens 24 hours a day so you’re protected from being stranded in the middle of the night by yourself.

Los Angeles Tow TrucksWhenever you’re in the city of Los Angeles, and you’re driving along, you never really think about needing a tow truck. Primarily because needing a tow truck is usually a secondary choice, the primary choice being enjoy your commute or driving day out. Usually in such a case, because you’re driving around, you won’t understand or notice when your car has given up on you. Some of our customers will run out of gas, some will have trouble with their engines, maybe a flat tire or two, but in such moments, many of our callers will be dumbfounded to find out that they do not know the next steps in their processes. If this is describing your situation at all, give us a call today at (800) 688-4011 to speak with some of Los Angeles’ very own dispatchers who are knowledge in the field of vehicle towing and recoveries and have us take care of you!

Los Angeles Towing Services

Towing Services Los AngelesLos Angeles Towing Services operates out of a 24 hour tow truck dispatching branch and we recieved distress calls from customers all day long, and we have heard all different types of stories in which customers need assistance with their cars, vans and trucks, and some with motorcycles. Give us a call at (800) 688-4011 to see what our reliable tow trucks can do for you!

Here are some of the more common tow truck services that our customers have requested:

Lock Out Specialists

Los Angeles LocksmithWhen our clients leave their keys in their cars, one of more common reactions to such an event is to panic. Our Los Angeles Locksmith services opens up your cars professionally and securely so that we can gain you access into the vehicle and your car remains undamaged.


Winch Out Services

Winch Out ServiceIf your car is stuck in mud, dirt, gravel, of if you’re Stuck in the Beach, and you need help moving your car out, give us a call today and request a winch out service for your car! From cars to trucks, vans to ATVs, all of these vehicles can manage to get stuck every once in a while, and it’s okay, as we’ve winched out so many of our clients weekly.


Auto Collision Recovery

Accident RecoveryIt’s never ideal when Two Vehicles Crashed on the freeway, because it causes traffic for others, but primarily, it causes a great deal of pain to the vehicle’s owners, physically and emotionally. Auto Accidents occur daily and it’s our job to make sure that traffic flows and that you and your vehicles are moved off the road and out of harm’s way.


Los Angeles’ Fastest ETAs

Los Angeles Fast ETAStuck in Traffic? Stuck in Downtown Los Angeles? With our outstanding ETAs in LA, there’s really no other towing company that you’ll ever need to call! We have tow trucks stationed strategically throughout the Los Angeles City and we aim to arrive at your location within a half hour of your call.  Even if your vehicle is stuck in the freeways where the 5, 10, 101 and 60 meet, our goal is to come to you faster than anyone else, so that your waiting period for a tow truck is minimal to nonexistent!


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